Live from the Dining Room 11-20-17 Steve Burks


This Week, we've got a major league MVP in studio, making us evaluate our entire lives, and using those thinking caps. OF COURSE ITS STEVE BURKS! be sure to check him out on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify

-The Moms - Blow Me
-Brian Rothenbeck - 24 Hours
-Disseriph - Something in Latin
-Steve Burks - These nights (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - Retuned Wedding Dress (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Chris Skel - Farewell
-Collin J. Rocker - NJ Central Railroad Blues (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Hidden Cabins - The Calming
-Steve Burks - Planning to Leave (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - The Radio Plays Our Song (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Lowlight - Kenosha
-Eyeswan - Future Glue
-Joe Galuppo - Henry’s Got A Daughter
-Steve Burks - Being Alone (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Mace Montana - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (w/ Jared Hart)

Live from the Dining Room 11-13-17 Wishy Washy


This week, we've got Wishy Washy in the Dining Room, performing live from the Dining Room South Studios. be sure to check out Wishy Washy on Facebook

-Accidental Seabirds - Footprints

-Groovy Movies - Beautiful Day
-On The Water - Quantum Mechanic

-InCircles - Red in my Room
-Owel - Death in the Snow
-Tru - Kirsti

-Party Cops - Idols
-People's Temple Project - 1
-Peter Sandler - Spectrum
-Jeff Linden - Sad Bastard Song
-Comb The Desert - How Stella Really Got Her Groove Back

Live from the Dining Room 11-6-17 LFTLR


This week, we’re having a dinner party. so we broadcast from the living room. WHAT?!


-Reese Van Riper - Comfort of Hell (ft.Jerry Jones)

-Andrew Lange - Two Dollar Grave (ft. Papa Reese)

-Evan Luberger - Money & Time

-Alpha Rabbit - Fool Deeds

-Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy with Panthers

-Eyeswan - Bridge Burner

-Phelan Tupik - Season’s Greetings (How Are You?)

-Bird Hotel - Endless (ft. Steve Kelly)

-Jared Hart - Lucky 7’s

-Cachabacha - Fort Song

-Communication Redlight - 1013 / One Twenty-Three

-When Particles Collide - Burn

-The Turnbucklers - Better Days

-Terrible Terrible - Techicolor Idols

-Benk Knee - Way Too Long

-Charbriella Galuppi - These Days

-Cold Heart Revival - 2nd Street

-Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides a Cockroach

Live from the Dining Room 10-30-17 Matt Cook


This Week in the Dining Room, Studio A, we’ve got Matt Cook Playing some new favorites

Check Out Matt Cook on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Youtube


-Ice Giant - Monster

-Zach Russack - Halloween of ’94

-The Paper Jets - Making Me Run

-The Paper Jets - I Said You Don’t

-Fire Is Motion - Ringside

-Matt Cook - Caffine (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Matt Cook - Ghosting (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.GUNN & The Semantics - Fear Never Sings

-Will Wood and the Tapeworms - White Knuckle Jerk (Where Do You Get Off?)

-WWX - Quicksand

-Matt Cook - Cold Cold Girl (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Matt Cook - Fathers Day (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Books. - Motor City ’99

-teenage Halloween - Brain Song

-Matt Cook - Use Your Words

-Matt Cook - Accept (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Matt Cook - Glutton (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Hail Taxi - Northbound

Live from the Dining Room 10-23-17 Papa Reese // Evan Luberger


This week in the Dining Room, we have Papa Reese from Reese Van Riper as well as Evan Luberger from Rosey Bengal in studio, playing and spinning the hits.
Check out Reese Van Riper on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud
Check out Rosey Bengal on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify

Check Out The Adventures of Maple Maurez Shrouzberry on iTunes

-Mad Anthony - Weekend Lover

-Reese Van Riper - Spoon Fed

-Rosey Bengal - Freedom in the Air

-Nikki Nailbomb - Ce Qu'aurait pu être?

-Evan Luberger - Midnight Dare (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Papa Reese - Hold Me Now

-Raymond Strife - Self-Loathing Egomaniac (Chris Pierce Version)

-Rosey Bengal - Somebody's Love

-Reese Van Riper - Pitchfork '08

-Papa Reese - Better Days (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Evan Luberger - Backwards

-Rosey Bengal - Junk Mail

-Reese Van Riper - Kansas City

- Broken Brick

-Hidden Cabins - Bet It All On You

Live from the Dining Room 10-16-17 The Cryptkeeper Five


This week, we are joined by Trenton Legends, The Cryptkeeper Five, checking out their new album, The Stronghold, available wherever you purchase your music. Be sure to check out The CK5 on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


-The Cryptkeeper Five - Ignite

-The Cryptkeeper Five - MadDog 20/20 No. 2

-The Catousers - Another World

-Roy Orbitron - Copacetic

-The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie

-Steve Burks - The Radio Plays Our Song

-The Ramparts Rebel - Brings Me Down

-The Cryptkeeper Five - 1,000 Keys

-Matt Morgan - Playing The Cards

-The Bird Calls - Sometimes I Don’t Want To Sing

-Zach Russack - Halloween of ’94

-The Cryptkeeper Five - Boulette

-Logan Carpenter - Hollow ft. Honah Lee

Live from the Dining Room 10-9-17 The Gray Comany


Check Out The Gray Company on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


-Holy city Zoo - It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s No Problem Man

-The Gray Company - Eliza (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Reese Van Riper - Kansas City

-Roadside Graves - Jail

-Heavy Flow - Shelter

-The Gray Company - 🃑 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Gray Company - Night Light (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Weak Moon - o·blig·a·to·ry

-The Vaughns - Phase Me

-Higher Island - Up The Coast

-The Gray Company - Vauxhall (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Gray Company - By Her Side (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Gray Company - Circadian (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Reese Van Riper - Better Days

Live from the Dining Room 10-2-17 Meeko Brando


This week, We’re joined by Trenton’s Meeko Brando. Be sure to check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram


-Trü - Trouble

-Meeko Brando - Uh, (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Meeko Brando - PTSD (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon (LFTDR InStudio)

-Meeko Brando - Once A Year (LFTDR InStudio)

-T.GUNN & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins

-Eyeswan - 89 Drive and Decide

-Control - No Remorse

-Meeko Brando - Ninety-8

-Meeko Brando - Mako Sharko

-On The Water - Superposition

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Soft Water

-Penfold - Breathing Lessons

-Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon

-Will Wood & The Tapeworms - Mr Capgras Encounters A Secondhand Vanity_ Tulpamancers Prosopagnosia_Pareidola (As Direct Result Of Trauam To The Fusiform Gyrus)

Live from the Dining Room 9-25-17 Aqualung Records


Be sure to check out Aqualung Records at Facebook


-Groovy Movies - Tambourine

-Dust of Days - Heavy

-Dust of Days - Porcelain

-Red Giant - Salute

-Potato Code - Clock

-James Harold - Daylight Savings Time

-James Harold - Everybody’s Got The Right To Be Happy

-Meeko Brando - Mako Sharko

-Reilly Brown - Do You Have Bees?

-PA Angelo - TASB

-Sleeping Satellites - Devil May Care

-Fun While You Wait

Live from the Dining Room 9-18-17 Brewster


Check Out Brewster on Bandcamp and Facebook


-Rough Springs - Labyrinths

-Brewster - Last Night in Neverland (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Bird Calls - You Can Win It All Back In The End

-Seamstress - Weak Too

-Brian Rothenbeck - Brothers & Sisters

-Brewster - (growing up song) (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Electric Sensei - Living in a Motel

-Julian Fulton & The Zombie Gospel - Wishing Well (A Fool's Waltz)

-The Gray Company - Let's Go Away

-ManDancing - shows

-Brewster - Bird in an Airport (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Roadside Graves - Anthony's Gate

Live from the Dining Room 9-11-17


-Rocky & The Chapter - Lucky 13

-Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon

-Jeff Linden - Sad Bastard Song

-Weakened Friends - Crshd

-Well Wisher - I'll Go

-The Battery Electric - Golden Roses

-Fire is Motion - Flowers in Kawameeh Park

-ManDancing - stones (again)((and again))

-Hidden Cabins - The Calming

-Alriss Nancy - DuFresne

-Rothenbeck - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)

-The Best of the Worst - Jonestown, 1978

-Brian Southall & Craig Cirinelli - Title & Registration (death cab for cutie)

-Comb The Desert - 180 Degrees of Positivity

-The Hunky Newcomers - Let's Smoke Cigarettes

Live from the Dining Room 8-28-17 Spowder


This week in the Dining Room, we've got SPOWDER in studio. Chek them out September 9 @ Volume IV Stdio in New Brunswick as part of the ROCK New Brunswick Warmup Party. Be Sure to check out Spowder on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube


-The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie

-Spowder - Miricle Grow (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Spowder - Pastry Changer (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Spowder - The Man With Two Mouths (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Spowder - The Torch (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Spowder - Pulp (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Milkmen - Johnny Dangerously

-Plow United - You Can't Kill Me (I'm Already Dead)

-Bettysally - Cherry Pie

-Eyeswan - Hope Like Opium

-Lowlight - Why Wander

-Stick Bug - You Like Scooby Doo Too?

-Tula Vera - Sunspot

-Ronx - Gwen Stacy

-Bethlehem Steel - Yeah, I'm Ok With My Shit Life

-Kailey Rocker - Flowers

-John Shepherd - Betterman

Live from the Dining Room 8-21-17 Solar Eclipse was lame


Solar Eclipses are always lame, and we, with Nicole Golden, Discuss that garbage


-Please Exist - Martyrdom

-Comb The Desert - Flightless Birds

-Permanent Tension - Pockmarked

-Cranes Are Flying - Polyglot

-Dead Rejects - Gimme Coffee

-Banquets - Backwash

-Boy vs. Ghost - Splinters II

-Cold Heart Revival - Lonely People

-Dogpound - Do What I Do

-Bad Whoremoans - Camp Crystal Lake

-Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch

-Noordzo - Holy Laughter

Live from the Dining Room 8-14-17 The Golden Age


Joe talks to fictional charachters, while practicing his chops on the wood flute



-Charlie Sztyk - Holy War

-Crack Filler - Fuck Nazis

-Not The Bees! - The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

-Alpha Rabbit - Tonight

-Pet Jail - Funk if I Know

-Toy Cars - Red Hands

-Warsmen - WARSMEN 4 PEACE

-Chemtrail - Like All Earthlings

-Hidden Cabins - News At 11

-T.Gunn & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins

-Trophy Scars - Archangel

-The Turnbucklers - All The Time

-Jeremy Benson - Too Much Love and Not Enough Danger

Tula Vera - Sunspot

-Sunflower - The Warmth Within Me

-Andrew Lange - Cowboy

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Sponge

-Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal

-Reese Van Riper - Better Days

Live from the Dining Room 8-7-17 Moose Detective


This week we spin the hits, then speak to Papa Reese about his new podcast, Maple Maurez Shrouzberry (subscribe on iTunes, Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)


-Meeko Brando - PTSD

-Eyeswan - Steve Caballero

-Rocky & The Chapter - Overthinking

-Dan Shields - Farty Party (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Vaughns - Santa Cruz

-Weakened Friends - Crshd

-Brother Octopus - Dreamer

-The Smoking Robins - Surfing on my Devil Board

-Maple Maurez Shrouzberry - Episode 1, Part 2

Live from the Dining Room 7-31-17 in the K-Cafe™


This week in the Dining Room, is a reunion of sorts, when Joe and Jason have an old friend/former guitar player in our old band, John Magnanti in studio as well as food truck connoisseur Hank Reed of Oink & Moo BBQ truck


-Trü - Kirsti

-XtraFlatt - Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™

-Bent Knee - Sunshine

-SAD LIPS - Breath

-Masi & Baxter - Shake It Off

-Sammy Kay and the East Los Three - Second Avenue

-Screaming Females - Sour Grapes

-Erotica - Apollo

-HypeVercab - The Three Kings

-Match Party - Rapture

-steve. - (breakfast On) Gerald

-CachaBacha - Landmines/Craters

Live from the Dining Room 7-24-17 Heavy Flow II


This week in the Dining Room, We've got heavy flow back in studio, playing in the 2.0 room. the connection between math and god is totally connected. Check out Heavy Flow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes

-Hub City Stompers - Fuck Hamilton Street

-Heavy Flow - Mirrors (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - Can’t Shake Yah (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - All I Think About (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - Can’t Complain (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - Bad Penny (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - 30,000 Feet (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Hunky Newcombers - Let’s Smoke Cigarettes


-LKFFCT - Howlin’ Alarm

-Francie Moon - Walked Away

-Please Exist - Let The Daytime Die

-Linda Everswick, Marlena Carvalho - We Should Kill The Weatherman

PUP - Never Try

-Reese Van Riper - Snake In Your Bed

Live from the Dining Room 7-17-17 Damian Rucci


This Week In The Dining Room, We have Performance Poet Damian Rucci, founder of Poetry in the Port


-Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides A Cockroach

-Cold Heart Revival - Your Island

-Red Giant - Open

-ManDancing - (the) Words

-Books. - GMO4NOW v3

-Phelan Tupik - Vul Pine

-Subitiles - Saint

Live from the Dining Room 7-10-17 Honah Lee // 3 Year Anniversary


Tonight, we celebrate 3 years of LFTDR with one of our absolute favorites, Honah Lee! Full Band in the Dining Room South, 2.0! we go over all the active projects the band is involved in, preview their upcoming tour and smash cake or whatever. Check out Honah Lee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and GTG. Also be sure to check out Groovy Movies, Brat Cat, Alpha Rabbit, Pissed and Mercer Bounty Episode 1


-The Moms - Blow Me

-Honah Lee - Weezer Pin (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Party Goggles (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - New Personality (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - I Wanna Fall In Love (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Match (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Can’t Come Back (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Time Flies (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Mill Hill Saloon (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Something Comes Along (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Time To Grow Up (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Atomic Girl - One Character in Search of an Exit

-ManDancing - Cigs

-Monty Love - 210

-The Best of the Worst - Blindsided

-Chemtrail - Volcano Weather

-T.Gunn & The Semantics - 6/8 Heart Break

-Mr. Pink - David Lynch Always Wins

-Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night (ft. Lt. Headtrip, Ray Ray Beats, Ill Omega)

-Canker Blossom - I Hate Everyone

Live from the Dining Room 6-26-17 Joe Galuppo & The Derailment


This week, LFTDR Host, Joe Galuppo, adds drummer Thomas De Vinko and combine as the Derailment, continueing the trend of LFTDR 2.0 then swing focus onto astrological cars or whatever


-Spherehead - Pig Sty

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Soft Water (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Grow (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Rotary (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Change (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Sponge (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Lore (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Fool Deeds

-Groovy Movies - Rosemary

-Mad Anthony - Brat Cat w/ Honah Lee

-Dollys - Stream Dream

-Full Bliss - The Tide

-The Great Depression - Lose Most

-The Vaughns - Santa Cruz

-Jared Hart - Basements

-Trophy Scars - Qeres

Live from the Dining Room 6-19-17 When Particles Collide


This week, in the Dining Room, we launch Dining Room South. An extra room that we can house full bands. And our inaugural guests of LFTDR 2.0 is When Particles Collide, from Bangor, ME. One of our absolute favorite bands that often come through the New Jersey area, are able to swing through LFTDR en route to their many dates throughout the country. We fill their time with WWE trivia, invent new types of male organs, and get to hear some new songs! be sure to check out as well as WPC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp


-Posers - I Don’t Wanna Know

-Doc Hopper - Melior

-Cranes Are Flying - Don’t Wake Me Up

-Monster Truck Fan Club - Maybe I’m Not Free

-When Particles Collide - Bell Jar (LFTDR In-Studio)

-When Particles Collide - Good Girl (LFTDR In-Studio)

-When Particles Collide - Lay My Body Down(Wills Song) (LFTDR In-Studio)

-When Particles Collide - You’re My Home (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Dads - Groin Twerk

-Jon Kohen - Conversation With A Friend

-Wild Americans - Loser Freaks

-GayGuy/StraightGuy - Movement

-The Cartwheelers - Birds

Live from the Dining Room 6-12-17 Boy vs Ghost


This week, we’re back in the dining room, with Justin Boy vs Ghost Ortiz. we check out the amazing Bobby Conn in concert, throw on our sunglasses and get some BVG performances. Check out Boy vs. Ghost on Facebook and Bandcamp, and be sure to check out Boy vs Ghost Friday, 6/16, at the Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ


-The Wait - Just Laugh (w/ T.GUNN)

-Boy Vs. Ghost - Shut up, I’m watching TV….

-Boy vs. Ghost - Puke 69

-Fox Reactions - Are There Even Bears in Italy?

-Boy vs. Ghost - Black eyed Porcupine (LFTDR In-Studio)

Boy vs. Ghost - All i Wanna Do Is Sleep (LFTDR In-Studio)

-WWX - The Voices

-Stick Bug - cuz 789

-Boy vs. Ghost - Splinters No.2 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-MonitoR - Brainwire

-Boy vs. Ghost - NewSongw/Joe (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.Gunn & The Semantics - 6/8 Heart Break

-Snow Lotion - Lubemanuver

-Hidden Cabins - The Calming

-When Particles Collide - Ancient Future

Live from the Dining Room 6-5-17 Live from LowlightHQ


This week, we’re on location at Lowlight Headquarters, taking up their space and using their equipment to broadcast live performances, talk sexy bird stuff as well as outlining hot to NOT make a porn movie. Check out and follow lowlight on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify


-T.Gunn & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins

-Matt Logie - May-Day Sky

-Rothenbeck - Lullabye For Baby Bird

-Rebecca Emont - Listen

-Delsea - Liar

-Alpha Rabbit - Fool Deeds

-Brother Octopus - September

-Eyeswan - Canal Day

-Centennials - Funerals

-Andrew Lange - Two Dollar Grave (ft. Papa Reese)

-John A Saccade - Call Me, Ishmael

-Logan Carpenter - Hollow (ft. Honah Lee)

Live from the Dining Room 5-22-17 Bombshell Winter


This week in the Dining Room, we’ve got returning fellon, Jack Linden from Bombshell Winter in studio, discussing real life events, Chris Cornell, Suicide and of course muppets. be sure to check out Bombshell Winter on Facebook


Check Out Bombshell Winter on 6/10 at The Brighton Bar in Longbranch, NJ with Scooter Bros. and Modern Crowds


-The Hat Madder - Sodomy Parade

-Sunflower - Tree Song

-Tula Vera - Human Progress

-Spherehead - Sheepish Boogie

-Bombshell Winter - Lost in this Labyrinth (LFTDR In-Studio

-Bombshell Winter - Disappearing One (Chris Cornell // LFTDR In-Studio)

-Ice Giant - Blondie

-Risk Relay - The Meeting

-And Now The Weather - My Heroes Killed Cowboys

-Bombshell Winter - How To Grieve (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Afraid Brigade - The Morning

-Joe Galuppo and the Derailment - Soft Water

-Almost People - Beer… Now Thats a Temporary Solution

-Bombshell Winter - Blackened Heart (LFTDR In-Studio)

-InCircles - 4 Beers Deep

Live from the Dining Room 5-15-17 Rebecca Emont // Tyler Masterson


This week in the Dining Room, we've got Rebecca back in studio as well as Tyler Masterson, playing some of Rebecca's songs before they departs to Denver where their blood will never be thinner.



-Wild Rice - Come Around

-YJY - Couch Surfin USA

-The Wait - Route 7

-Rebecca Emont - Animal (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rebecca Emont - Listen (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Girls

-T.GUNN - Take 5 In Three

-Hail Taxi - Northbound

-Little Fox - Dish Soap

-Rebecca Emont - Turn Over (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rebecca Emont - Used (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rebecca Emont - 32 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Plurals - How About The Weather

Live from the Dining Room 5-8-17


-Sun Body - Joy, Easily and Effortlessly

-Alpha Rabbit - Damage

-Elephant Fire - Two Papas

-Bettysally - Ego

-When Particles Collide - Ego

-LKFFCT - Peaches

-The Scandals - Lucky 7's

-Melissa & Paul - Goin' Home

-Kate Dressed Up - Spirit Bird

-Foxanne - Chainsmoking

-Books - Blackout Radio

-The Box Tiger - The Need

-Charlie Sztyk - Holy War

Live from the Dining Room 5-1-17 Raymond Strife // RayRayBeats


This week we trek down to someone else Dining Room. We’re Live From Trenton With Raymond Strife and RayRayBeats, focusing on the most important of topics, such as the flat earth, futurama and early exposure to weird music. Check Out Raymond Strife on Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud and RayRayBeats on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Bandcamp


-Raymond Strife - Piss Tawnin’

-Raymond Strife - Wanderlust

-A Mandkind Complex - Thor’s Hammer (FT. Alien)

-Stampy Goblyn - Ghost Water

-Alpha Rabbit - Damage

-Crack Filler - Crazier Than A Rat In A Tin Shithouse

-Hashgrinder - The Castle Of Fu-Man Chu (FT. Raymond Strife//RayRayBeats)

-The Dirty Merlins - BUGS!BUGS!BUGS!

-Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night (FT. Lt. Headtrip//RayRayBeats//Ill Omega)

Live from the Dining Room 4-10-17 Kate Dressed Up


This week in the Dining Room, We are joined by Katie Miller via Kate Dressed Up and together we come to the conclusion that Paul IS Dead, The Earth Is Flat, and we definitely didn’t go to the moon, because there is no moon, and she manages to perform a few songs for us. Be sure to check out Kate Dressed Up on Facebook, Spotify and Bandcamp


-Tula Vera - Sunspot

-On The Water - The Words I II III

-Another Michael - Hanging

-Jean Pool - Alone

-Kate Dressed Up - Fly Along (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - All The While, Following Me (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rothenbeck - Spirits In Old City (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The World’s Afterparty - 3/3(Demo)

-Roy Orbitron - Copacetic

-Joe Galuppo - Rotary w/ Charlie/Gabby (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - South Street (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - Something I Can Keep (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Hermano Stereo - A Big Brown Dog

-Heavy Flow - Hangin’ Round

-Kate Dressed Up - Spirit Bird (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Higher Island - Deal’s Gone South

Live from the Dining Room 4-3-17 Nathaniel Sutton


This week in the Dining Room, We have Nathaniel Sutton/ Brother Octopus/ Hail Taxi joining us from Edmonton as well as local hero, Craig Cirinelli.  Toll Roads Exist, intercontinental musical bridges are built, and wonderful music is performed. Be sure to check out Nathaniel Sutton, Brother Octopus and Hail Taxi


-Andrew Lange - Pitch & Sand

-The Production - Ghosts of Rock ’n’ Roll

-Lowlight  - ’86 Parisienne

-Alpha Rabbit - Always Never

-Hail Taxi - Northbound (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Nathaniel Sutton - This City (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides a Cockroach

-Cross My Heart - Paris

-Despite The Raven - Neil Downs

-Hail Taxi - We Are Not Doomed… Yet (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Nathaniel Sutton - Cruel  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Brother Octopus - Stick Up, w/ Craig Cirinelli (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Bailey Sutton - Forget Me Now

-The Tide Bends - Sad Case

-The Waltz - Return to the Earth

-Brother Octopus - Honey (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Brother Octopus - September (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Brother Octopus - The Script

-Brother Octopus - Pronto ft. Sirens & Shelter

Live from the Dining Room 3-27-17 Francie Moon


This week we have Francie Moon returning to the dining room after 2 years. She Flair chops us with new songs as we all WOO are way to heaven. Be Sure to check out Francie Moon on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp as well as Wild Moon on Facebook


-Seamstress - Weak Too

-Another Michael - Football

-The Most - It Starts In Your Head

-Red Giant - Salute

-Francie Moon - ***New, Untitled*** (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Francie Moon - Easy If You Try (Maybe) (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Francie Moon - Great Ending *+* (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Elephant Fire - You Girl

-Nicole Grogan - Do It Again

-Sunflower - World of Porcelain

-Francie Moon - Windstrings (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Francie Moon - Jump Right In (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Erica Russo - Gravel Roads

-Crusasis - Human

-Wolf Trumbauer - Safe Passage



(Songs Labeled *+* were named by Joe Galuppo)

Live from the Dining Room 3-20-17 Gunn // Hart


This week in the dining Room, we've got T.GUNN and Jared Hart battling it out, winner takes all, with blood on all of our hands. so instead they play songs, and even a few together. Pick up  T.GUNN's new record, Semantics, here. be sure to check out T.GUNN on FacebookBandcamp and Spotify. Jared Hart, on facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes, and The Scandals on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify


-Canker Blossom - Toby The Drunk

-Rothenbeck - Only The Penitent Man Shall Pass

-Dan Coutant - A World Away

Jeremy Benson - Too Much Love and Not Enough Danger

-T.GUNN - 6/8 Heart Break (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jared Hart - Lucky 7's (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Gunn/Hart - Chain Gang (Sam Cooke(LFTDR In-Studio))

-T.GUNN - Rich Fingerland (aka Bob Adams)

-From The Archives - 500 Miles

-Subtitles - Post-Coital Depression Bues

-Jared Hart - Bank Holiday (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.GUNN - Open Eyes (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Gunn/Hart - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke(LFTDR In-Studio))

-T.GUNN - Normal (w/ Jared Hart) (The Wait(LFTDR In-Studio))

-Jared Hart - Basements (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.GUNN - Nurse Tisdale (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch (available Here)

Live from the Dining Room 3-13-17 Candystripers


This week on Live from the Dining Room, we have Nikki and Evan of new brunswick's Candystripes.  We run the ropes with vulgarity in between them playing some tunes. Be sure to check out Candystripers on Facebook.


-Kodakrome - Fuck Up

-Matt Pless - White Picket Fence

-Penfold - Sea on Crisis

-Wild Rice - Origami Girs

-Candystripers - Meltdown (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers - You Can Eat Hushpuppies (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers - Fuck You By C-Lo Green By Candystripers  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Not The Bees! - Hey Who Wants To Take Me To The Hospital (PRBBQIV)

-Perminent Tension - Extoiment

-Landlines - Pretty Penny Pence

-Candystripers - Anywhere The Wind Blows  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers - Meagan(Smoking Popes//(LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers -  Winter Song (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Trophy Scars - Queres

-Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man

-Mobina Galore - Vancoiver

-Candystripers - I Got A Friend  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers - Through Being Cool  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Candystripers - Misfits Anonymos  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rest Ashore - Chinese Opera

Live from the Dining Room 3-6-17 Caroline Romanelli // Matt Welty


This week in the Dining Room, we are joined by New Brunwick’s Scarlet Pub promotor, Caroline Romanelli and Matt Welty who works with the Rahway Culture Crawl, too look at the other end of the local music spectrum.  Be sure to check out Caroline Romanelli Presents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and the Rahway Culture Crawl


-Tula Vera - Sunspot

-Hermano Stereo - Dogs Eat Grass

-Sunflower - Little Town

-The Vaughns - Wiloughby

-ManDancing - Shows

-Cook Thugless - Visions

-Basement Beers - Saved By Saved By The Bell

-Lowlight - Why Wander

-Matt Cook - I Do

-Fence - Mourning Gown

-Threat 2 Society - Pay The Price

-Motor Heart Man - So Fucking Nice

Live from the Dining Room 2-27-17 George Lykogiannis


This week in the Dining Room, we begin talking with Raymond Strife, whose first song off of the upcoming Go for the Gusto was released this week, via and continue with George Lykogiannis, Classically train Pianist, World Renowned Basement Accordionist and total Greek Speaking faker. listen along as we ask all the pertinent accordion questions, while George graciously answers them, plays some improv songs, covers and international tunes


-Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night (ft. Lt. Headtrip & RayRayBeats)

-Reese Van Riper - Snake In Your Bed

-Mace Montana - Blind(w/ Jon Barnes)

-PUP - Back Against The Wall

-Matt Bless - In The Past Tense

-The Baby Sandwiches - Interlude // Naked

-Rothenbeck - Spirits in Old City

-Stick Bug - You Like Scooby Too Too? // Seasoning

-George Lykogiannis - Now That You’re Gone

-The Scandals - 417

Live from the Dining Room 2-22-17 Emma Loo & Sam


In this special edition LFTDR we are joined by Grand Rapids, Michigan Jammy Award Winning Artists, Emma Loo and Sam Kenny. We get weird, play with voice machines and an adorable pup.  Be sure to check out Emma Loo and Sam on Facebook and CDbaby


-When Particles Collide - You’re My Home

-Emma Loo and Sam - Quantum Entangled (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Poison (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Insane and In Love (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Bent Knee - Dead Horse

-Jefferson - In The Dark

-T.GUNN - Fear Never Sings

-Emma Loo and Sam - Hear You Sing (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Fennie (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Be Nice (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Dusty Stars (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jared Hart - Lucky 7’s

-Brother Octopus - Stick Up (ft. Hidden Cabins)

-Full Bliss - The Tide

-Emma Loo and Sam - Jungle (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Emma Loo and Sam - Abduction (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Mad Anthony - Never Say Never

Live from the Dining Room 2-20-17 A Day Without Love


Tonight in the Dining Room, we are joined by Brian Walker who performs under the name A Day Without Love, joining us from Philadelphia, PA. He Plays us some songs, fills us in on his journey this far, and drops some logic oin the DR.  Be sure to check out A Day Without Love on Facebook and Bandcamp.


-Risk Relay - Sea on Light

-Bent Knee - In God We Trust

-El Americano - 34 After Yesterday

-Part Time Chef - Movement's 1 & 1/2

-Ourselves, Alone - Trangulls

-A Day Without Love - Joseph (LFTDR In-Studio)

-A Day Without Love - Nonsence (LFTDR In-Studio)

-A The Water - Surfs Up!

-Downtrodder - Jawn 8:5

-Forth Wanderers - Paws

-A Day Without Love -Solice  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-A Day Without Love - Save (LFTDR In-Studio)

-A Day Without Love - Heart (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Heavy Flow - My Own Name

-Steve Kelly - Humor (Ghosts in the Attic)

-A Day Without Love - Too Fast (LFTDR In-Studio)

-A Day Without Love - Cruel (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Hodera - Creature Comfort

-Honah Lee - Time Flies

-Anna Oh - Warriors of Water

Live from the Dining Room 2-13-17 WWX


Tonight in the dining room we are joined by Guy and Brian from World War 10(WWX) expressing our undying love for eachother this valentine's day. Be sure to check out WWX on Facebook, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp


-Melissa & Paul - Fire Burn

-Hidden Cabins - Bet It All On You

-Renee Maskin - White Freight Liner (Townes Van Zandt/LFTDR In-Studio)

-WWX - Waking Day (LFTDR In-Studio)

-WWX - Quicksand pt.1 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-WWX -Begin To End  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Third Revelation - Human Hair Bird Nest

-The Turnbucklers - Better Days

-WWX - Pick a Number

-WWX - Quicksand pt.2 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - South Street

-The Great Depression - Lose Most

-Rebecca Emont - Listen (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Boy vs. Ghost - All I Wanna Do Is Sleep

-WWX - Next To You (The Police)

-Risk Relay - The Meeting

Live from the Dining Room 2-6-17


-Garbage Brain - Internet Band

-oso oso - Great Big Beaches

-Hiroshi Jaguar - Livin in a Rush

-Pheller - Shameless

-T.GUNN - Bankrobber ’15 (The Clash)

-Gatherers - Wedding Bells

-East of the Wall - False Build

-Books. - Fight Song For Daughters

-dollys - Stream Dream

-Party Cops - Shimmer

-InCircles - Red in my Room

-Early Morning Adventure - Forever

-Joe Galuppo - Cans

-The Smoking Robins - I Want To

-Brian Fallon - Wonderful Life

-Boy vs. Ghost - Sex, Cake & Whiskey(LFTDR In-Studio)

-Reese Van Riper - Better Days

Live from the Dining Room 1-30-17 Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society


Tonight on Live from the Dining Room, we are joined by Jeff, Jack and Chris from Jeff Linden and The  Black Spot Society, and we immediately delve into Muppets, Tiny Hands, and America’s new favorite past time…. reasonable president bashing. Be sure to check out Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society on Facebook and Bandcamp


-YJY - Couch Surfin USA

-Boy vs. Ghost - Lazy Mosnsters

-Kailey Rocker - Lover Near

-Geoff Rickly - Climax

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Burning Down The Circus (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Anya Marina - Move You (PledgeMusic Campaign)

-Risk Relay - The Meeting

-The Rock N’ Roll Hi-Fives - I Want Something More

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - The Stranger’s Blues (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Bread & Roses (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society -  Burn The Witch (Available Here)

-ManDancing - Humor(hah)

-Elissa Janelle Velveteen - Take Me Home

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Sad Bastard Song (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Lone Drop of Hope (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Washington Road (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The Hunky Newcomers - Let’s Smoke Cigarettes

Live from the Dining Room 1-23-17 Alejandro Ataucusi


-Speed Queen - Four on the Floor

-The Rollbacks - Carnaval

-Ursa Indigo - Coyote

-Red Giant - Tears in the Rain

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Dindi (Antonio Carlos Jobim / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Girl from Ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Ligia Helena (Ruben Blades / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Roadside Graves - To The Sea

-Boy vs. Ghost - Rusted Flowers

-Jefferson - Gonna Be Alright

-The Rollbacks - Keep on Groovin’

-Alejandro Ataucusi - You Are The Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Sweet Child o’ Mine (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - One Note Samba (Antonio Carlos Jobim / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Sounds the Ground Makes - Shed

-Ghost Camp - Neptune Song

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Here There Everywhere(The Beatles / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - If I Fail (The Beatles / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alejandro Ataucusi - Then There Was You (The Beatles / LFTDR In-Studio)

-Screaming Females - Doom 84

Live from the Dining Room 1-16-17 Lowlight


Tonight in the Dining Room, we are joined by 4 of 5 Lowlighters, discussing Space Boobs, huts and sleepovers. At one point we convince Renee to sneak away from drinking a flask in Hot Topic and call in. Be Sure to check out Lowlight on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter


-Whoopass Goldberg - Fart Patrol (In The Cosmic Toilet Bowl)

-Disseriph - Sorta Grown Up

-The Dirty Merlins - Batman Beach

-Boy Vs. Ghost - Black Eyed Porcupine

-Lowlight - Where Do We Go From Here

-Roadside Graves - Ruby

-American Weird Beers - Mooning The Moon

-Cold Weather Company - Horizon Fire

-Hidden Cabins - Oh Yonder

-The BackRumers - Make You Feel My Love(Bob Dylan)

-Pet Jail - P, as in Pterodactyl

-The Afraid Brigade - Gone For Good

Live from the Dining Room 1-9-17 Ryan Nicolato


-Hermano Stereo - Pretty Brave

-From The Archives - There Tomorrow

-Rita Fishbone - Oblivion Pig

-Francie Moon - West Virginia

-Hidden Cabins - News at Eleven

-LKFFKT - Sally

-The Plurals - How About The Weather

-Plow United - That Girl

-Colony - Treadwell In 141

-Mobina Galore - Vancouver

-Morus Alba - Anne

-The Groucho Marxists - Primary Caregiver

Live from the Dining Room 1-2-17 The New Millennium


-Jared Hart - Lucky 7’s

-Not The Bees! - Smoke Signals

-Batting A Thousand - You’ll Be Okay, I’ll Be Okay

-Delft - Sleep Through New Years

-Joe Galuppo - Slowbug(LFTDR In-Studio)

-Fun While You Wait - Wolves

-Knewlife - Forgot

-Above The Moon - Silver Tongue

-Joe Galuppo - 417(Jared Hart Cover, LFTDR In-Studio)

-Joe Galuppo - Lover Near (Kailey Rocker cover, LFTDR In-Studio)

-Threat 2 Society - Merchants of Death

-The Black Clouds - Merchants of Death

-Brian Southall & Craig Cirinelli - Title and Registration (Death Cab for Cutie)

-Joe Galuppo - Swayze (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Canker Blossom - Sour Milk & Cheerios

Live from the Dining Room 12-26-16 Andrew Reynolds


-Delsea - jc

-Arliss Nancy - Alluvial

-Fall Classic - Sinister

-Evan Luberger - Dachau Moon

-Fast Eddy - Jersey Home

-Andrew Reynolds - Live From The Dining Room (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Reynolds - La Morte Per Annegamento (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Reynolds - Weasel (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Johnny Rock & Friends - Hourglass Of Red

-Der große Guhl - Abenteuer auf der Landstrasse

-The Bowling Alley Sound - Chugging Along

-Andrew Reynolds -  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Reynolds - Decisions Move Time (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Reynolds - Thrifty Gypsy (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Reynolds -  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Major Reynolds -  Drive My Car (On The Wrong Side Of The Road, Beatles Cover)

-Joe Galuppo - Rotary (ft. Charlie Sztyk & Gabriella Chavez)

-Reese Van Riper - La Fin Du Monde

-Family Man - Everything Happens for a Reason

-Someone In A Tree - You Still Enlighten Me

-Rothenbeck - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)

Live from the Dining Room 12-19-16 Alpha Rabbit


-Tom Waits - Silent Night // Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

-Bad Whoremoans - Black Christmas

-Molly Rhythm - Christmas Shopping While North Korea Has The Largest Death Camp In The World

-Vows - Hotels On A Holiday

-Seamstress - Ideas

-On The Water - Baptism

-Alpha Rabbit - Permanents (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Reasonable Satisfaction (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Control - Our Premonition

-Entia - Example

-YJY - Amelia

-Alpha Rabbit - Stand In Your World (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Fools Deeds (LFTDR In-Studio)

-SICK SHIT - Validation

-Screaming Females - Mothership

-Honah Lee - Sober X-Mas

-Alpha Rabbit - X-Mas In  Trenton (LFTDR In-Studio)

-I Hope You Die

-The Paper Jets - Lena Lena

-Alpha Rabbit - Red State Blues (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Damage (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Two Nights (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - Gravitational Collapse (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Alpha Rabbit - So Long, Farewell, Goodbye (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeanette Ferri - Silent Night

Live from the Dining Room 12-12-16 Experiment 34 II


Check Out Experiment 34 on Facebook, Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify


-Honah Lee - I Hate My Job

-Husky Bundles - Stone Arches

-Raymond Strife - Mic Friends ft. Rocky

-JAWS - President Erect

-Experiment 34 - Willie Mays (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Experiment 34 - Well, You Know (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Debt League - Long Story Short

-Maya’s Ruin - Without A Trace

-Seapost - Lions

-Experiment 34 - Medicine Man (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Experiment 34 - Mud

-Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal

-Groovy Movies - Tambourine

-The Great Depression - Lose Most

-Experiment 34 - Cut The String (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Experiment 34 - Joey Crumb

Live from the Dining Room 12-5-16 Above The Moon


Be sure to check out Above The Moon on Facebook, iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify


-Reese Van Riper - Snake In Your Bed

-Rothenbeck - I Was In Love With Eight Chinese Concubines

-Charlie Sztyk - God Damn Fool

-Melissa & Paul - Goin’ Home

-Above The Moon - Easy (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Above The Moon - Feel It Again (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Threat 2 Society - Media Blackout

-SICK SHIT - Sprawled Out

-The Moms - Blow Me

-Milkmen - Johnny Dangerously

-Above The Moon - Coat (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Above The Moon - More Time (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Andrew Lange - Old Oak

-Will Wood & The Tapeworms - Red Moon

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Washington Road

-Above The Moon - Stop Trying (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Above The Moon - All The Times(LFTDR In-Studio)

-Above The Moon  - Scars (LFTDR In-Studio)

-From The Archives - 500 Miles

Live from the Dining Room 11-28-16 Batting A Thousand


Tonight on LFTDR, we are joined by Nikki Karwacki as Batting A Thousand.  We break down in ring stereotypes, assign roles in the Chris Benoit Double Murder suicide, and do anything we can to derail this vehicle in motion… Cant wait to have her back! check out Batting A Thousand on Facebook and Bandcamp


-Screaming Females - Halfway Down

-Franchise - Number 1 Contender

-Control - Through The Motions

-PlowUnited - Generator

-Alright Junior - Something Strange

-Batting A Thousand - Bury Me In Forever21 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - Me & Seccondro Going Squirrel Hunting (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - The Chicken Wing Incident (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Francie Moon - Walked Away

-Mace Montana - Wall of Sleep(ft. Popeye Vogelsang & Alf Bartone)

-Above The Moon - Silver Tongue

-Batting A Thousand - Nikki vs. The DSM5 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - You’ll Be Ok, I’ll Be Ok (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - It’s Ram Truck Month (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - Fuck & Run(Liz Phair) (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Molly Rhythm - What It Isn’t

-John A. Saccade - One Way Street

-Batting A Thousand - Not Sick of Anything Except for a Few Things (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - Forget My Name (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Batting A Thousand - Fly South (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Birdcloud - Problemz

Live from the Dining Room 11-21-16 Renee Maskin


Tonight on LFTDR, we are joined by one of our favorites, Renee Maskin from Lowlight and contributor to Roadside Graves and we do our duty to keep it weird for nearly three hours.  Check out Renee’s music with Lowlight on Facebook and Bandcamp


-The Barren Marys - Barren Marys Hymn

-Risk Relay - Healer Revealing

-Alpha Rabbit - Temperatures

-Morus Alba - Skyscraper

-Renee Maskin - Goodbye Buffalo (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Renee Maskin - Cigarette (LFTDR In-Studio)

-On The Water - GateKeeper

-The Production - Ghosts of Rock ’n’ Roll

-When Particles Collide - Don’t You Wanna

-Renee Maskin - Old Friend (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Renee Maskin - California Blue (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Motor Heart Man - So Fucking Nice

-Melissa & Paul - Summer

-Lowlight - Dirt

-The Production - Ghosts of Rock ’n’ Roll

-Renee Maskin - Bones (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Renee Maskin -  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Roadside Graves - Anthony’s Gate

Live from the Dining Room 11-14-16 Dan Shields


Tonight in the Dining Room, We are joined by Dan Shields, we gets real funny with grapes and manages to squeeze out some acoustic performances. Also early on, we have Marc from Threat 2 Society call in and tell us about their new Record, Ground Zero(available at


-Threat 2 Society - Mass Deception

-Modern Chemistry - Let’s Talk About The Weather

-The Holy Terror - Hit The Bricks

-Jared Hart - The Guillotine

-Dan Shields - Cattle Lisp (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Dan Shields - Gray Days (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Roadside Graves - Far And Wide

-Jeff Linden & The Black Spot Society - Burning Down The Circus

-The Scandals - Emerald City

-Dan Shields - Pretty Alright (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Dan Shields - Farty Party (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Sydbarret - Wasting Away

-The Turnbucklers - Jerk With a Smirl(ft. Andy)

-The Wait - Route 7

-Dan Shields - Golden Road   (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Dan Shields -  (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Gatherers - Brittle Bones

-Arliss Nancy - Gb: The True Story

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