Live from the Dining Room 10-2-17 Meeko Brando


This week, We’re joined by Trenton’s Meeko Brando. Be sure to check them out on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram


-Trü - Trouble

-Meeko Brando - Uh, (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Meeko Brando - PTSD (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon (LFTDR InStudio)

-Meeko Brando - Once A Year (LFTDR InStudio)

-T.GUNN & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins

-Eyeswan - 89 Drive and Decide

-Control - No Remorse

-Meeko Brando - Ninety-8

-Meeko Brando - Mako Sharko

-On The Water - Superposition

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Soft Water

-Penfold - Breathing Lessons

-Meeko Brando - Sega Lemon

-Will Wood & The Tapeworms - Mr Capgras Encounters A Secondhand Vanity_ Tulpamancers Prosopagnosia_Pareidola (As Direct Result Of Trauam To The Fusiform Gyrus)

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