Live from the Dining Room 3-20-17 Gunn // Hart


This week in the dining Room, we've got T.GUNN and Jared Hart battling it out, winner takes all, with blood on all of our hands. so instead they play songs, and even a few together. Pick up  T.GUNN's new record, Semantics, here. be sure to check out T.GUNN on FacebookBandcamp and Spotify. Jared Hart, on facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes, and The Scandals on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify


-Canker Blossom - Toby The Drunk

-Rothenbeck - Only The Penitent Man Shall Pass

-Dan Coutant - A World Away

Jeremy Benson - Too Much Love and Not Enough Danger

-T.GUNN - 6/8 Heart Break (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jared Hart - Lucky 7's (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Gunn/Hart - Chain Gang (Sam Cooke(LFTDR In-Studio))

-T.GUNN - Rich Fingerland (aka Bob Adams)

-From The Archives - 500 Miles

-Subtitles - Post-Coital Depression Bues

-Jared Hart - Bank Holiday (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.GUNN - Open Eyes (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Gunn/Hart - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke(LFTDR In-Studio))

-T.GUNN - Normal (w/ Jared Hart) (The Wait(LFTDR In-Studio))

-Jared Hart - Basements (LFTDR In-Studio)

-T.GUNN - Nurse Tisdale (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch (available Here)

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