Live from the Dining Room 5-1-17 Raymond Strife // RayRayBeats


This week we trek down to someone else Dining Room. We’re Live From Trenton With Raymond Strife and RayRayBeats, focusing on the most important of topics, such as the flat earth, futurama and early exposure to weird music. Check Out Raymond Strife on Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud and RayRayBeats on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and Bandcamp


-Raymond Strife - Piss Tawnin’

-Raymond Strife - Wanderlust

-A Mandkind Complex - Thor’s Hammer (FT. Alien)

-Stampy Goblyn - Ghost Water

-Alpha Rabbit - Damage

-Crack Filler - Crazier Than A Rat In A Tin Shithouse

-Hashgrinder - The Castle Of Fu-Man Chu (FT. Raymond Strife//RayRayBeats)

-The Dirty Merlins - BUGS!BUGS!BUGS!

-Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night (FT. Lt. Headtrip//RayRayBeats//Ill Omega)

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