Live from the Dining Room 11-20-17 Steve Burks


This Week, we've got a major league MVP in studio, making us evaluate our entire lives, and using those thinking caps. OF COURSE ITS STEVE BURKS! be sure to check him out on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify

-The Moms - Blow Me
-Brian Rothenbeck - 24 Hours
-Disseriph - Something in Latin
-Steve Burks - These nights (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - Retuned Wedding Dress (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Chris Skel - Farewell
-Collin J. Rocker - NJ Central Railroad Blues (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Hidden Cabins - The Calming
-Steve Burks - Planning to Leave (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - The Radio Plays Our Song (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Lowlight - Kenosha
-Eyeswan - Future Glue
-Joe Galuppo - Henry’s Got A Daughter
-Steve Burks - Being Alone (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Steve Burks - (LFTDR In-Studio)
-Mace Montana - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (w/ Jared Hart)

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