Live from the Dining Room 3-6-17 Caroline Romanelli // Matt Welty


This week in the Dining Room, we are joined by New Brunwick’s Scarlet Pub promotor, Caroline Romanelli and Matt Welty who works with the Rahway Culture Crawl, too look at the other end of the local music spectrum.  Be sure to check out Caroline Romanelli Presents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and the Rahway Culture Crawl


-Tula Vera - Sunspot

-Hermano Stereo - Dogs Eat Grass

-Sunflower - Little Town

-The Vaughns - Wiloughby

-ManDancing - Shows

-Cook Thugless - Visions

-Basement Beers - Saved By Saved By The Bell

-Lowlight - Why Wander

-Matt Cook - I Do

-Fence - Mourning Gown

-Threat 2 Society - Pay The Price

-Motor Heart Man - So Fucking Nice

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