Live from the Dining Room 8-14-17 The Golden Age


Joe talks to fictional charachters, while practicing his chops on the wood flute



-Charlie Sztyk - Holy War

-Crack Filler - Fuck Nazis

-Not The Bees! - The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

-Alpha Rabbit - Tonight

-Pet Jail - Funk if I Know

-Toy Cars - Red Hands

-Warsmen - WARSMEN 4 PEACE

-Chemtrail - Like All Earthlings

-Hidden Cabins - News At 11

-T.Gunn & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins

-Trophy Scars - Archangel

-The Turnbucklers - All The Time

-Jeremy Benson - Too Much Love and Not Enough Danger

Tula Vera - Sunspot

-Sunflower - The Warmth Within Me

-Andrew Lange - Cowboy

-Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Sponge

-Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal

-Reese Van Riper - Better Days

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