Live from the Dining Room 11-6-17 LFTLR


This week, we’re having a dinner party. so we broadcast from the living room. WHAT?!


-Reese Van Riper - Comfort of Hell (ft.Jerry Jones)

-Andrew Lange - Two Dollar Grave (ft. Papa Reese)

-Evan Luberger - Money & Time

-Alpha Rabbit - Fool Deeds

-Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy with Panthers

-Eyeswan - Bridge Burner

-Phelan Tupik - Season’s Greetings (How Are You?)

-Bird Hotel - Endless (ft. Steve Kelly)

-Jared Hart - Lucky 7’s

-Cachabacha - Fort Song

-Communication Redlight - 1013 / One Twenty-Three

-When Particles Collide - Burn

-The Turnbucklers - Better Days

-Terrible Terrible - Techicolor Idols

-Benk Knee - Way Too Long

-Charbriella Galuppi - These Days

-Cold Heart Revival - 2nd Street

-Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides a Cockroach

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