Live from the Dining Room 4-10-17 Kate Dressed Up


This week in the Dining Room, We are joined by Katie Miller via Kate Dressed Up and together we come to the conclusion that Paul IS Dead, The Earth Is Flat, and we definitely didn’t go to the moon, because there is no moon, and she manages to perform a few songs for us. Be sure to check out Kate Dressed Up on Facebook, Spotify and Bandcamp


-Tula Vera - Sunspot

-On The Water - The Words I II III

-Another Michael - Hanging

-Jean Pool - Alone

-Kate Dressed Up - Fly Along (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - All The While, Following Me (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Rothenbeck - Spirits In Old City (LFTDR In-Studio)

-The World’s Afterparty - 3/3(Demo)

-Roy Orbitron - Copacetic

-Joe Galuppo - Rotary w/ Charlie/Gabby (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - South Street (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Kate Dressed Up - Something I Can Keep (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Hermano Stereo - A Big Brown Dog

-Heavy Flow - Hangin’ Round

-Kate Dressed Up - Spirit Bird (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Higher Island - Deal’s Gone South

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