Live from the Dining Room 10-23-17 Papa Reese // Evan Luberger


This week in the Dining Room, we have Papa Reese from Reese Van Riper as well as Evan Luberger from Rosey Bengal in studio, playing and spinning the hits.
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-Mad Anthony - Weekend Lover

-Reese Van Riper - Spoon Fed

-Rosey Bengal - Freedom in the Air

-Nikki Nailbomb - Ce Qu'aurait pu être?

-Evan Luberger - Midnight Dare (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Papa Reese - Hold Me Now

-Raymond Strife - Self-Loathing Egomaniac (Chris Pierce Version)

-Rosey Bengal - Somebody's Love

-Reese Van Riper - Pitchfork '08

-Papa Reese - Better Days (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Evan Luberger - Backwards

-Rosey Bengal - Junk Mail

-Reese Van Riper - Kansas City

- Broken Brick

-Hidden Cabins - Bet It All On You

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