Live from the Dining Room 2-27-17 George Lykogiannis


This week in the Dining Room, we begin talking with Raymond Strife, whose first song off of the upcoming Go for the Gusto was released this week, via and continue with George Lykogiannis, Classically train Pianist, World Renowned Basement Accordionist and total Greek Speaking faker. listen along as we ask all the pertinent accordion questions, while George graciously answers them, plays some improv songs, covers and international tunes


-Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night (ft. Lt. Headtrip & RayRayBeats)

-Reese Van Riper - Snake In Your Bed

-Mace Montana - Blind(w/ Jon Barnes)

-PUP - Back Against The Wall

-Matt Bless - In The Past Tense

-The Baby Sandwiches - Interlude // Naked

-Rothenbeck - Spirits in Old City

-Stick Bug - You Like Scooby Too Too? // Seasoning

-George Lykogiannis - Now That You’re Gone

-The Scandals - 417

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