Live from the Dining Room 1-16-17 Lowlight


Tonight in the Dining Room, we are joined by 4 of 5 Lowlighters, discussing Space Boobs, huts and sleepovers. At one point we convince Renee to sneak away from drinking a flask in Hot Topic and call in. Be Sure to check out Lowlight on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and Twitter


-Whoopass Goldberg - Fart Patrol (In The Cosmic Toilet Bowl)

-Disseriph - Sorta Grown Up

-The Dirty Merlins - Batman Beach

-Boy Vs. Ghost - Black Eyed Porcupine

-Lowlight - Where Do We Go From Here

-Roadside Graves - Ruby

-American Weird Beers - Mooning The Moon

-Cold Weather Company - Horizon Fire

-Hidden Cabins - Oh Yonder

-The BackRumers - Make You Feel My Love(Bob Dylan)

-Pet Jail - P, as in Pterodactyl

-The Afraid Brigade - Gone For Good

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