Live from the Dining Room 10-16-17 The Cryptkeeper Five


This week, we are joined by Trenton Legends, The Cryptkeeper Five, checking out their new album, The Stronghold, available wherever you purchase your music. Be sure to check out The CK5 on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


-The Cryptkeeper Five - Ignite

-The Cryptkeeper Five - MadDog 20/20 No. 2

-The Catousers - Another World

-Roy Orbitron - Copacetic

-The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie

-Steve Burks - The Radio Plays Our Song

-The Ramparts Rebel - Brings Me Down

-The Cryptkeeper Five - 1,000 Keys

-Matt Morgan - Playing The Cards

-The Bird Calls - Sometimes I Don’t Want To Sing

-Zach Russack - Halloween of ’94

-The Cryptkeeper Five - Boulette

-Logan Carpenter - Hollow ft. Honah Lee

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