STORM CENTRAL! from the Dining Room 1-26-15


Tonight, STORM CENTRAL! from the Dining Room, broadcasts drunk and tired as the storm that was supposed to be historic, appears to be a bust.  Also joined by surprise performers and Robert Paulson and Henry Zalewski

-Avoider - Toxic Sludge

-Hidden Cabins - Suffer the Surge

-Bible Gun - David

-Eric Vitoff - Where the Shadows Start

-Honah Lee - Time Flies

-Dino Velvet - Weekend Warriors

-Colony - The Bruce

-Bent Knee - Way Too Long

-The Scandals - Four Seventeen

-New Sweet Breath - Speedwalker

-Steve Kelly Presents - Not My Thoughts

-Sour Puss - Black Bear

-Jefferson - No One’s There

-John A. Saccone - One Way Street

-Reese Van Riper - Better Days