Live from the Dining Room 9-1-14 Nine-Fourteen in Boston


This week JW suffers an apparent brain annurism, constantly repeating a date like that dude from lost who kept repeating the numbers.  Joe is a self proclaimed piece of **** and the boys are joined by Henry Zalewski and Mirv Guffman.  Gwar and Joan Rivers are discussed. heres tonights playlist

Control - Are You Positive

GayGuy/StraightGuy - Nashville

Gravity Calls - Had it Good

Avoider - Debt Slave

Daniel Mustard - Creep

Eyeswan - Fire Coming Through

Honah Lee - Leave it to my God Damn Brain

Lady in the Radiator - Lick Lick Drop

CachaBacha - Fort Song

Knewlife - Broken Rib

Mad Anthony - Strangest Dream

Not the BEES! - Hindsight

Pour the Pirate Sherry - On Your Own (little twit)

Rothenbeck - Big Moose

Stops. - No More Smoky Water

The Turnbucklers - Twist Like This

Books.. - Fly Past the Sun

David Dondero - This world is not My Home

Dollys - Thermals

Monster Truck Fan Club - Habit of Aggro

Bent Knee - Funeral

PJ Bond - Quiet or Loud