Live from the Dining Room 8-7-15 Labor Day


On tonight’s Live from the Dining room, we’re not here.  It’s Labor Day so we are out doing heavy labor.  BUT there is still 2 hours of music for yah.

-The World Concave - Escalator

-Owel - All The World’s Asleep

-Howlish - Scar Scar Scar

-Gabriella - Weak Too

-The Holy Terror - Nothing New

-Plow United - Complete Conformity ’96

-Rae Cauley - Take Back Your Life

-Fun While You Wait - Wolves

-Something Like A Monument - Auditory Seizure

-Banquets - American Things

-Frank Lombardi - Power and Virtue

-Take Today - Cringe

-Blisstique - Dangerous

-The Paper Jets - Its Only Talk

-Idiot Boy - Diggin My Own Grave

-Comrades - Scabies Assualt

-Chris Grzan - Park First, Then Eat Eggs

-Chris Grzan - The Closer

-Honah Lee - I Was Wonderin’

-Up For Nothing - Wearing Thin

-Mace Montana - Clean Sheets (w/ Jared Hart)

-Eric Vitoff - Early Warning

-Stolen Pizza - Doctor’s

-The Black Sox Scandal - Capsized

-Super Snake - Scarlet Valley