Live from the Dining Room 4-18-16 Johnny Rock & Friends / Tiffany Harned


Tonight in the Dining Room, we are joined by Johnny Rock & Friends(, a collection of musicians local and native to the area as well as Tiffany Harned (, professional photographer.  We've all got plenty of life experiences to share as well as the process of being creative

-The Moms - NJ Transit Blues
-Books - Into the Shelter
-Goodbye Tiger - Santayana
-The World Concave - Out of Phase
-Johnny Rock & Friends - Hourglass of Red
-Johnny Rock & Friends - "Just a Note"
-Tony Caggiano - You Were There For Me(Starshine)
-THe Hunky Newcomers - Lets Smoke Cigarettes
-Vows - Born A Wolf
-Full Bliss - The Tide
-Johnny Rock & Friends - Voices from Heaven
-Centennials - Oh My Molly
-Hermano Stereo - The Atlantic
-The Great American Satan - Rent Control
-Tony Caggiano - Spend Some Time
-Johnny Rock & Friends - The Tidal Track
-Johnny Rock & Friends - More Than That
-When Particles Collide - Dont You Wanna
-Iron Chic - Bogus Journey

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