Live from the Dining Room 4-11-16 MikeroMedia


This week on Live from the Dining Room, we are joined by Mike from The MikeroMedia internet radio show.  Hits and requests are spun, and life experiences are exposed

-Terrible Terrible - Technicolor Idols

-Fire is Motion - Ringside

-Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy With Panthers

-PA Angelo - Breath (In)

-Bird Hotel - Endless (ft. Steve Kelly)

-The Best of the Worst - Speechless

-City Limits - Homebodies

-The Great Depression - Purple Skirt

-Mobina Galore - You’re Not 23 Anymore

-Books. - Fly Past The Sun(LFTDR In-Studio)

-Debbie Downer - Spells

-Jon Barnes - Punk is Dad

-Sunny Gang - Burn it Down

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