Live from the Dining Room 3-7-16 RIP


The Live from the Dining Room crew speak to Mikero Media, spin the hits…. until one of em meets their demise.

-Iron Chic - Dog Bite(Dead Kennedys)

-Roy Peak - Mean Girl Blues

-Boy vs. Ghost - Light the Match(Mirah Cover)

-Fire is Motion - Day 6

-Doctor Abernathy - Brine Preservation

-Foxanne - Chainsmoking

-Evan Luberger - Friends

-Kailey Rocker - Lover Near

-Bird Hotel - Endless ft. Steve Kelly

-Hell Mary - Glass

-Hell Mary - For The Birds

-Control - Miserable

-Gabriella - Ideas

-Forever Losing Sleep- Esprit D’Escalier

-Pinegrove - Problems (Live at Little Elephant)

-Arliss Nancy - Mountain State

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