Live from the Dining Room 2-2-15 Groundhog’s Day


Happy First day of spring, Staten Island

-Molly Rhythm - Right Meow

-Lowlight - Dirt

-Alright Junior - Human Heart

-Books… - Fly Past the Sun

-The Gray Company - Fool (record Release Show)

-Banquets - Big Big Waves

-Saturday Drive - Kids are Cruel

-The World Concave - Hang on to Your Arms

-Jess Best - Pull

-Keith Kenny - Dream Awake

-Not The Bees! - Doing the Best We Can

-Liv Lombardi - Hazel & White

-Dad Brother - Money & Time

-Francie Moon - Miss You (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Dollys - Stream Dream

-Jon Kohen - Your New Name (Phoenix)

-Julie Doiron - The Second Time