Live from the Dining Room 12-29-14 Cold Weather Company


Tonight, we are joined by Casey Silver of the Clarks and Brian, Steve and Jeff from Cold Weather Company.  Genius is discovered and Jingles are created. Happy New Year jerks

-Gabriella - Impossible

-Cold Weather Company - Horizon Fire (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Cold Weather Company - Unlocked (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Honah Lee - Driftin’

-City Limits - Writing Fiction

-Stillewelle - She Will Have Her Revenge

-Steve Burks - The Road

-Phelan Tupik - Season’s Greetings (How Are You)

-Banquets - Bums in the Breeze

-Cold Weather Company - Garden (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Cold Weather Company - Upward Over the Mountain (Iron &Wine) (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Cold Weather Company - Inside Your Eyes (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Cold Weather Company - Someone Else (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Eyeswan - Canal Day

-The Best of the Worst - Jonestown, 1978

-Cold Weather Company - Fall Low (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Peter Sandler - Don’t Know Me Now

-Rose Boulevard - Gently, Softly, Slowly

-Cold Weather Company - Sea Fare (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Cold Weather Company - Jasmine

-(Damn) This Desert Air - Halo Around The Moon

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