Live from the Dining Room 12-07-15 The Great Depression


Tonight, we are joined by members of The Great Depression playing back some of their tunes, playing their peers and diving into conversations of pure speculation.  Also joined by Steph and Emily from the back of the room

-The Best of the Worst - Fight of your life

-Charlie Sztyk - Fear 2

-Bone & Marrow - Signals

-Jared Hart - The Guillotine

-The Great Depression - Cash Out

-Communication Redlight - 1013/ One Twenty-Three (acoustic)

-Hidden Cabins - Whalens

-Christina Alessi - Truth’s Upon Us

-The Great Depression - If Algernon Never Gets Back Together We Are Just Going To Keep Hearing Shitty Twinkle Songs From Shitty Twinkle Bands

-Teenage Halloween - Brain Song

-John A. Saccade - One Way Street

-Raymond Strife - Shatner (ft. Idiot Boy)

-Monty Love - Holla Back

-Basement Beers - Blackout

-Cold Weather Company - Jasmine

-Steve Burks - Wolves

-Rose Boulevard - By Moonlight

-Ghost Camp - Soft Eyes

-YJY - Couch Surfin’ USA

-Will Wood & the Tapeworms - White Knuckled Jerk

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