Live from the Dining Room 11-2-15 Impossible Cities


Tonight, we are joined by Tom, Alex and Dan from Impossible Cities as we preview their new album, Lotus Eaters (

-Iron Chic - Bogus Journey

-Impossible Cities - Pop Up Creature

-Impossible Cities - Bautou

-Roadside Graves - Anthony’s Gate

-Bone & Marrow - We Are Science

-Bootstrap Bandits - Empty Glass

-Impossible Cities - Remove It

-GayGuy/StraightGuy - 1000 Suns

-The Vaughns - Willoughby

-Monster Truck Fan Club - Maybe I’m Not Free

-Impossible Cities - Patterns In The Sky

-Logan Carpenter - Hollow

-Mad Anthony - Hope of the Consumptive

-Ballroom Spies - The Mines

-Impossible Cities - Hello

-El Americano - I Met Meg Ryan

-The Rock N’ Roll High Fives - I Want Something More

-Fox Reactions - Mustard Tiger

-Impossible Cities - Six Suns

-Super Snake - Red Tango