Live from the Dining Room 10-6-14


Jason and Joseph Self loathe and depress each other, then Joe performs and lightens the mood.  Jay re-subscribes to sirius xm and no body cares.  Also plagued by internet issues during the live broadcast, but are totally avoided in the podcast version

-Mace Montana - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

-The Best of the Worst - Speechless

-The World Concave - Hang on to Your Arms

-Gates - Cast in the Pattern

-Lakeside Drive - Evolution

-Melissa Lucciola - Miss You

-Molly Rhythm - Chasing Legs

-Joe Galuppo - Penny Part 2 (LFTDR in studio)

-Habits - Shoot to Wound

-Taylor Rich - Flame

-Bent Knee - Skin

-Joe Galuppo - Soft Water (LFTDR in studio)

-Joe Galuppo - Stripped Wrench (LFTDR in studio)

-Fox Reactions - Cat 45

-Amy Malkoff & The Moonshiners - Voodoo

-Stillwelle - Stepping Down

-Joe Galuppo - Hey Thats No Way To Sat Goodbye, Leonard Cohen cover(LFTDR in studio)

-Almost People - Sorry I Pissed My Parachute Pants

-Mace Montana - Blame it on Cain ( w/ Popeye Vogelsang)

-Eyeswan - The Cannibal 

-Joe Galuppo - Penny Dog Loves Her Friends (LFTDR in studio)

-Rothenbeck - Moose 3 

-Control - Different But The Same