Live from the Dining Room 1-4-16 Doctor Abernathy


Tonight we are joined by Doctor Abernathy from Australia,New Jersey 

he played some tunes off of his new ep “fictitious forces IRL” (  He cured our ailments,

(some of them) and brought out the already weirder side of joe.

-Mad Anthony - Stubborn

-Francie Moon - Ain’t Got Time

-Husky Bundles - Space Cadet

-Foxanne - Rule The World

-Doctor Abernathy - 5 or 6 (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Franchise - Middle Aged Kids

-Please Exist - The Eve Of All Endings

-Gatherers - Wedding Bells

-James Brown Gang - Chupacabra

-Doctor Abernathy - Kill This (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Beautiful Bear - Tom The Mechanic // A Ha Ha Ha

-Doctor Abernathy - Saints of Cadigal (LFTDR In-Studio)

-Secret Photos - Feeder

-When Particles Collide - Constant Disaster

-Wild Americans - Loser Freaks

Mace Montana - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ft. Jared Hart

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