Live from the Dining Room 1-18-16 Paul Alan


This Week in the Dining Room, We are Joined by Paul Alan, who you may know from Control, Hell Mary and others.

-Man Dancing - Broken

-Facility - Handling A Crown of Thorns

-Capacities - Splitting The Breast

-Off Camber - Our Hearts Will Explode

-NY in 64 - Maintaining Now, The Contact

-Young American Artists - Delusional Parasitosis

-Earth Anchor - Bury The Hatchet

-Captives - Why Force It?

-Hell Mary - Compartmentalization

-Death Vacation - Running To / Running From

-The Best of the Worst - Blindsided

-Avoider - Mass Consumption

-Killed by the Bull - The Great King

-Folly - Anderson, Indiana

-Entropy - Intention Tension

-Manalive - Carpetbagger, M.D.

-Despite the Raven - Man Falls

-Control - No Remorse

-Comb The Desert - Walken Shoes

-Entia - Constructive Engagements

-Juan Bond - Painting

-Bloodpheasant - The Drought

-Common Folk - Mustard Seed

-Melissa & Paul - 30 Days

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