Live from the Dining Room 8-4-14 Masi & Baxter


Tonight, we're joined by Masi & Baxter in the Dining Room, for a great performance, also showcasing other great artists and a LIVE keyboard player, during our breaks! here's tonights playlist for ya's

The Hunky Newcomers - Lets Smoke Cigarettes
Control - Dream Sequence
Chris Grzan - The Sound of Home
David Dondero - Pied Piper of the Flying Rats
Masi & Baxter - Shake It Off (LFTDR In-Studio)
Masi & Baxter - Dirty and Cheap (LFTDR in-Studio)
Masi & Baxter - Inch by Inch (LFTDR in-Studio)
Habits - Sunrise, FL
Dolly’s - Stream Dream
Chemtrail - Cybil
Honah Lee - Sex n’ Cigarettes
Masi & Baxter - King of Misfortune  (LFTDR in-Studio)
Masi & Baxter - Where ya Goin’? (LFTDR in-Studio)
The Howl - Jejune
Reese Van Riper - Red White & Bruised
Late Cambrian - Golden Time
Mad Anthony - Bear Attack
Not The Bees! - Your Rational Debt
Plow United - Baldwin IV
Chris Grzan - The Chelsea Midnight
PJ Bond - Mama I’m a Smoker
Secret Photos - Red Lights
Masi & Baxter - Clear Eyes (LFTDR in-Studio)
Masi & Baxter - Second Street (LFTDR in-Studio)
Masi & Baxter - Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard(Simon and Garfunkel cover) (LFTDR in-Studio)
The Gray Company - Temporary Love
CachaBacha - Boots
Eyeswan - Domestic Rabbit

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