Live from the Dining Room 7-7-14 Rothenbeck


In this (first) episode, the LFTDR crew sit down with Brian Rothenbeck and.... well.. Hilarity....Hilarious ... like how Louis C.K. describes it.  Rothenbeck also performs a few songs in studio.  Also in Studio was Phelan Tupik, who happened to be there after committing a B&E. Phelan also performs in the dining room.

this episodes playlist goes as follows, if you're keeping score at home. Keep Supporting Local Music

Secret Photos - Get Back
Rothenbeck - I Was in Love with Eight Chinese Concubines (LFTDR In-Studio)
Gates - they only see shadows
Eyeswan - Separation Anxiety 
Plow United - Spindle
Rothenbeck - Moose 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold (LFTDR In-Studio)
Honah Lee - Time Flies
Reese Van Riper - Pitchfork
Not the Bees - We’re doing the best we can
Not the Bees - Smoke signals for bed
Rothenbeck - Moose 3 (LFTDR In-Studio)
The Turnbucklers - Twist like this
The Scandals - Salute the fallen
Phelan Tupik - Vul Pine (LFTDR In-Studio)
Fox Reactions - Alf sold out
Steve Kelly Presents - Not My Thoughts
Avoider - Bastard Maker
Books… - Maypoles
Communication Redlight - Courage was Confused
CachaBacha - Side Winder
Heavy Flow - Trouble Finds Me 

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