Live from the Dining Room 7-21-14 Cachabacha


this week, we're joined by Andrea and Natalia from Cachabacha in the dining room, discussing their beginning in music and how the journey's been so far, their new album and their record label, Mulberry Sound Recordings. They played a great set for us in the dining room as well. If you visit the "Featured Artists" page at, we'll have a million ways where you can find out and hear more about them, and ever other artist we've played tonight, and forever. Here's the setlist for anyone keeping track

Eyeswan - Sleepy Jesus
Vows - Born a Wolf
Jon Kohen - Dusk
Arliss Nancy - Front Seat
Where’s Alaska? - Particeles & Sunlight
Honah Lee - Sobered, So Bored!
Up For Nothing - The End is Strong
Philip & The Nasty - I’ll Kill Em’
Chemtrail - Moon Boots
Cachabacha - Pulmoncito (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Top Heavy (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Hammer Heart (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Mother Tongue (LFTDR in-studio)
Anika Scribbling - Last Train Out
Nude Dudes(Conor & the Stonehill Kids) - Roger, the kids are dead
Penfold - I’ll take you everywhere
Plow United - You Can’t Kill Me
Cachabacha - Quicksand Gold (LFTDR in-studio)
Steve Kelly Presents - Passin’ Out
Control - Are You Positive
Reese Van Riper - Tar on my Arms
Books. - Capo 7th Fret
Cachabacha - Landmines (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Metal Arms (LFTDR in-studio)
Almost People - Have a Nice Trip, Blindy

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