Live from the Dining Room 7-14-14 Peter Sandler


Our second broadcast ever consists of our new friend Peter Sandler.  We took the homeless chat down a bit and chatted more about local tunes, as we should. Just kidding. There was tons of it. Not really. So yeah - local tunes. 

Gay Guy/Straight Guy - Nashville
Risk Relay - Mizzenmast
Monster Truck Fan Club - Disenchanted
Hidden Cabins - Feeding Time
CachaBacha - Landmines
Eric Vitoff - Little Gardens (live @ Arlene’s)
T.Gunn - Ovaltine Jenkins (100 to 120 capo)
D’arcy - Shaking
Ether Sunday - 495 Weeks
Jefferson - Rain
Francie Moon - Figure it all Out
Peter Sandler - Siren (LFTDR In-Studio)
Peter Sandler - Fade to White (LFTDR In-Studio)
Peter Sandler - Spectrum (LFTDR In-Studio)
Bent Knee - I Don’t Love You Anymore
Gay Guy/Straight Guy - Ruby Tennessee
Secret Photos - Leaves in a Lunchbox
Dolly’s - Reservoir (IndieGoGo Project)
Control - No Time Like The Past
Joe Galuppo - Sugar Cakes
Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy with Panthers
Pour the Pirate Sherry - When Will You Learn
Peter Sandler - Give My Time Away (LFTDR In-Studio) 
The Box Tiger - Taller Than Trees

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