Live from the Dining Room 10-20-14 Hidden Cabins and Eyeswan


Tonight, we fill up every available inch of the dining room with Craig and Books of hidden Cabins and Warren and Frog of Eyeswan for a first time joint performance. Craig helps redecorate and hilarity ensues.  Here's tonights Playlist for ya's 

-Plow United - World According to Me

-Not The Bees - We’re Doing The Best We Can

-InCircles - (let go of) The Goddamn Bicycle 

-Reese Van Riper - Maybe I’ll Fall in Love

-The Hazy Souls - Better Than This

-Jefferson - Rain

-Eyeswan - Domestic Rabbit (LFTDR In Studio)

-Eyeswan - Wishingwell (LFTDR In Studio)

-Arliss Nancy - Front Seat

-Terrible Terrible - Pulling Teeth

-Hidden Cabins - News at 11 (LFTDR In studio)

-Hidden Cabins - Feeding Time (LFTDR In studio)

-The Best Of The Worst - Jonestown, 1978

-Party Cops - Shimmer

-Christina Alessi - Daybreak

-Eyeswan - Surfin’A (the Colony Cover)(LFTDR In Studio)

-Eyeswan - Orphan “Boy” (Gillian Welch Cover)(LFTDR In Studio)

-Eyeswan - Incomplete (LFTDR In Studio)

-Bent Knee - Skin

-Hidden Cabins - Suffer the Surge (LFTDR In studio)

-Hidden Cabins - Holding Vine (LFTDR In studio)

-Hidden Cabins - Oh Yonder (LFTDR In studio)

-Warren Swan - Bridge Burner (LFTDR In Studio)

-The Box Tiger - Taller Than Trees

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