Live from the Dining Room 7-28-14 Dinner Etiquette


This week, in the dining room, Joe and Jason are joined by longtime friend and podcasting OG, Ryan Nicolato.  We go into extra innings with the broadcast to play all the music we'd like you to hear for this week.  This weeks playlist goes as follows.

Honah Lee - I Hate My Job
Monster Truck Fan Club - Salt of the Earth
Not The Bees! - Life in the Right Lane
Manalive - Decade
Hell Mary - Failed Policy
Reese Van Riper - Mama’s Soul
Honah Lee - Driftin’
The Scandals - Sirens
Plow United - Fuck Up
Fox Reactions - Mustard Tiger
Tigerman - The Hot Dog of Desire
Gates - The Sound of Letting Go
Go Falcon! - Gunrack
Hidden Cabins - The Holding Vine
Jonah’s Onelinedrawing - Me and You Are Two
Almost People - I sell Dog T-shirts
Avoider - Debt Slave
Avoider - Pervert in a Candy Shop
Books. - Black White and Red all over
Lakeside drive - The KKK took my baby away 
T.Gunn - Fear Never Sings
Phelan Tupik - Dromo/Reanimator ft. Nate Figuerora
Eyeswan - Self-Loathing Theme Song 
Revenir - Blinded Sight
Rothenbeck - Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass
Secret Photos Catch the breeze
Plow United - Game of Chess

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Live from the Dining Room 7-21-14 Cachabacha


this week, we're joined by Andrea and Natalia from Cachabacha in the dining room, discussing their beginning in music and how the journey's been so far, their new album and their record label, Mulberry Sound Recordings. They played a great set for us in the dining room as well. If you visit the "Featured Artists" page at, we'll have a million ways where you can find out and hear more about them, and ever other artist we've played tonight, and forever. Here's the setlist for anyone keeping track

Eyeswan - Sleepy Jesus
Vows - Born a Wolf
Jon Kohen - Dusk
Arliss Nancy - Front Seat
Where’s Alaska? - Particeles & Sunlight
Honah Lee - Sobered, So Bored!
Up For Nothing - The End is Strong
Philip & The Nasty - I’ll Kill Em’
Chemtrail - Moon Boots
Cachabacha - Pulmoncito (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Top Heavy (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Hammer Heart (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Mother Tongue (LFTDR in-studio)
Anika Scribbling - Last Train Out
Nude Dudes(Conor & the Stonehill Kids) - Roger, the kids are dead
Penfold - I’ll take you everywhere
Plow United - You Can’t Kill Me
Cachabacha - Quicksand Gold (LFTDR in-studio)
Steve Kelly Presents - Passin’ Out
Control - Are You Positive
Reese Van Riper - Tar on my Arms
Books. - Capo 7th Fret
Cachabacha - Landmines (LFTDR in-studio)
Cachabacha - Metal Arms (LFTDR in-studio)
Almost People - Have a Nice Trip, Blindy

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Live from the Dining Room 7-14-14 Peter Sandler


Our second broadcast ever consists of our new friend Peter Sandler.  We took the homeless chat down a bit and chatted more about local tunes, as we should. Just kidding. There was tons of it. Not really. So yeah - local tunes. 

Gay Guy/Straight Guy - Nashville
Risk Relay - Mizzenmast
Monster Truck Fan Club - Disenchanted
Hidden Cabins - Feeding Time
CachaBacha - Landmines
Eric Vitoff - Little Gardens (live @ Arlene’s)
T.Gunn - Ovaltine Jenkins (100 to 120 capo)
D’arcy - Shaking
Ether Sunday - 495 Weeks
Jefferson - Rain
Francie Moon - Figure it all Out
Peter Sandler - Siren (LFTDR In-Studio)
Peter Sandler - Fade to White (LFTDR In-Studio)
Peter Sandler - Spectrum (LFTDR In-Studio)
Bent Knee - I Don’t Love You Anymore
Gay Guy/Straight Guy - Ruby Tennessee
Secret Photos - Leaves in a Lunchbox
Dolly’s - Reservoir (IndieGoGo Project)
Control - No Time Like The Past
Joe Galuppo - Sugar Cakes
Rothenbeck - This Ladder is Lousy with Panthers
Pour the Pirate Sherry - When Will You Learn
Peter Sandler - Give My Time Away (LFTDR In-Studio) 
The Box Tiger - Taller Than Trees

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Live from the Dining Room 7-7-14 Rothenbeck


In this (first) episode, the LFTDR crew sit down with Brian Rothenbeck and.... well.. Hilarity....Hilarious ... like how Louis C.K. describes it.  Rothenbeck also performs a few songs in studio.  Also in Studio was Phelan Tupik, who happened to be there after committing a B&E. Phelan also performs in the dining room.

this episodes playlist goes as follows, if you're keeping score at home. Keep Supporting Local Music

Secret Photos - Get Back
Rothenbeck - I Was in Love with Eight Chinese Concubines (LFTDR In-Studio)
Gates - they only see shadows
Eyeswan - Separation Anxiety 
Plow United - Spindle
Rothenbeck - Moose 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold (LFTDR In-Studio)
Honah Lee - Time Flies
Reese Van Riper - Pitchfork
Not the Bees - We’re doing the best we can
Not the Bees - Smoke signals for bed
Rothenbeck - Moose 3 (LFTDR In-Studio)
The Turnbucklers - Twist like this
The Scandals - Salute the fallen
Phelan Tupik - Vul Pine (LFTDR In-Studio)
Fox Reactions - Alf sold out
Steve Kelly Presents - Not My Thoughts
Avoider - Bastard Maker
Books… - Maypoles
Communication Redlight - Courage was Confused
CachaBacha - Side Winder
Heavy Flow - Trouble Finds Me 

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