Live from the Dining Room 8-22-16 Toy Cars


This week, Joe is at the production helm solo, but with the help of his guests Matt DeBenedetti, they’re able to stay afloat and reach calmer seas.  Joe get to the real Meat & Potatoes of Matts band, Toy Cars, and even squeezes a performance out. Be sure to check out Toy Cars on Facebook and Bandcamp

-Groovy Movies - Beautiful Day

-Bent Knee - In God We Trust

-The Groucho Marxists - She Don’t Go Down

-Lowlight - Why Wander

-Brian McGee - Born in the Morning

-Melissa Lucciola - Thunder Storms

-Matt DeBenedetti - Dull(LFTDR In-Studio)

-dollys - Lilypad

-Toy Cars - Luck

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